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Take your entire grooming experience up a notch with Greeko Man on your side. With products crafted specifically for men, we make it a point to use only the finest ingredients and offer a fantastic blend of vitamins, plant actives and essential minerals. We’re glad about your interest in our products. Take a look at why you should join hands with us, what makes us special and what are our stand-out factors


At Greeko Man, a premium brand of Vasu Health Care, our primary objective is to develop skin, hair, body and other men’s care products with the highest quality and safety standards. Therefore, in order to deliver you with the best men’s care and lifestyle product solutions, we never shy away from using class-leading ingredients. One of the prime reasons why you should rely on Greeko Man is that our entire range is free of harmful chemicals, and all products are developed with selected natural ingredients. We understand the importance of a healthy beauty regime for men and how crucial it is in one’s life as well as the challenges around it. There is no doubt that men are often at the shorter end of the stick, wherein they struggle to find the perfect products. You can end this misery with us, and choose from our Greeko Man range as per your requirement at reasonable rates

All Greeko Man product formulas for men are developed at Vasu Research Centre, which functions as the R&D division of Vasu Healthcare. Recognised by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Gov. of India, Vasu Research Centre works on multiple research areas, such as phytochemicals, nutraceutical research, clinical and analytical research, to name a few. Therefore, when you choose our men’s products, you will never have to worry about side effects or any other harmful reactions.
Sounds good?

What Makes Greeko Man a Stand-out?

Greeko Man is dedicated to offering the “Millennial Gentleman” with the ultimate skincare and lifestyle product overhaul. We understand that men, too, need to have a healthy skincare routine, beauty regime and lifestyle hacks to feel their most confident self. Therefore, game up your grooming journey with our products and look and feel incredible while you take on the world with a confident stride.

Take the Greeko Man Leap – Know Our USPs

Our products promise ease of use and the ultimate contemporary masculine look that you deserve and desire!

We develop all products with quality that help clear up breakouts, offer protection against skin damage, and do not aggravate the skin.

Greeko Man strongly believes that proper research and development will help us develop superior quality products for men, and create a value difference when it comes to lifestyle and other men’s care products.

Also, Greekoman is stringent in its practice when it comes to ensuring cruelty-free product development. All our products are developed in India, and dermatologically tested.

We strictly refrain from using harmful chemicals such as parabens, SLS and formaldehyde, to name a few.

Think Men's Care, Think Greeko Man!

At Greeko Man, we understand you often do not get the time to even spare a thought to care about YOU! Let that be in the past now, and start caring for yourself. It’s time to get past that age-old belief that men take lifestyle care for granted. Men do not need to wash their faces, body, hair, and beard with the same “soap” anymore. Like everyone else, men too need to be aware of the first signs of ageing and take the necessary call to combat that. Men, too, must acknowledge that they have sensitive skin, just like their personality, unlike popular cultural belief.

And all these call for the best possible care for you! For that, you needn’t look any further than Greeko Man. Say no to wrinkles, lines, spots, and other such issues with our products and look your absolute best every hour of the day. After all, you need the perfect blend of healthy mind and body for a peaceful and confident lifestyle. Let Greeko Man take care of the latter!

So, Men, it’s time to reimagine and transform skincare, hair care and lifestyle in general and take a leap with us – Greeko Man!